Saturday, June 23, 2012

Difference between Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism

Totalitarianism is the type of Government or State that wants to hold all power and authority to control each and every aspect of social life e.g economical, political, environmental, social etc. Its purpose is to grant all power and authority to a single position e.g a dictator, president or prime minister or to few individuals so that no other individual of any other position can question its authority. Totalitarians are against pluralism i.e the sharing of authority among different factions of society. In order to achieve this Totalitarian objective the Totalitarians must use method of mass propaganda and indoctrination to persuade people to grant them the supreme authority. They may also use violence and force to achieve their aim. They will have the authority to do anything they want, they may declare War or unilateral implementation of new legislation without the consent of the people or with the consent of the people.

Authoritarianism while is a bureaucratic type of political system. In this system the authority is shared within the society but this authority is usually assigned by non democratic process and the person with authority is under no or less restriction in performance of his/her duty. He also might misuse his/her authority and oppress the citizens. e.g police in Authoritarian and non democratic State might use violence and oppression of freedom of speech for political purposes or deprive a person of his/her basic human rights because he/she holds higher position or authority.

Totalitarianism and Authoritarian political system was formed under Nazis and Fascists. Communism is also said to have similarities with totalitarianism and authoritarianism.

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